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A Recently Launged Matrimonial site for Malayalee with the mission to increase their Brand Awareness and App Downloads

Client Background

Our client, a well-known entrepreneur from Trissur, was eager to expand his business ventures. He decided to create a new matrimony app with a focus on connecting Malayalee people worldwide. The goal of the app was to change how people find their life partners. Their main objectives were to get more people to download the app and to make more people aware of the brand.


The main objective of the customer was to reach out to all malayees community around the globe. Drive more app downloads and become a well-recognized brand in this field of Matrimonial Sites.

Challenges We Faced

Brand Awareness: Introducing a new matrimony site exclusively for Malayalees worldwide, including India, UAE, Canada, USA, and Australia, in a highly competitive field with over 100 established competitors is a significant challenge for brand awareness.

Market Penetration: Establishing a foothold in highly competitive markets with established players required careful planning.

Brand Consistency: Maintaining brand consistency with its unique identity while remaining relevant to Malayalee culture


Localized Marketing: Customize marketing campaigns for each country by considering the unique cultural characteristics and preferences of Malayalees.

Country-Specific Features: We can adjust the app's functions to meet the specific requirements of users in each country. For instance, users can set their partner search preferences based on their preferred regions.

User Support: Chatbot service offers instant assistance primarily through mobile devices, with a strong focus on WhatsApp, one of the most commonly used messaging platforms.

Our Customized Service for Them


Social Media Marketing

Google Ads

Chatbot Services

SEO: Boosting Visibility and Engagement:

Our journey begins with search engine optimization (SEO), a critical element in ensuring our platform reaches the right audience. By optimizing our website and content, we've enhanced its visibility in search engines

Instagram/Facebook Ads: Targeted Marketing at Its Best

With the targeted marketing of Instagram and Facebook ads, we've effectively engaged the Malayalee community, raising awareness about the matrimonial site and encouraging user registration, participation of Malayalee community.

Google Ads: Focused on Driving App Downloads

When it came to Google ads, our primary goal was to boost the app downloads . Our well crafted Google Ads Campaign drived more app downloads from all over the world

Chatbot Services: Instant Assistance, Always

Chatbot services for instance assistance and personalised registration support

The Results




App Download


Instagram Enagement

10 Lakh+

Brand Visibility

Global User Base: Within three months, the app successfully expanded its user base to multiple countries, including India, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

App Downloads: The localized marketing strategies led to an increase of 60% in international app downloads.

Brand Recognition: This matrimony became a recognizable brand in each target country, with a 50% increase in brand mentions and positive reviews on international platforms.