Engineering Consultancy Case Studies

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A respected engineering consultancy specialising in power and alternative energy solutions.

Client Background

Welde Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd., an engineering consultancy with 20+ years of experience, excels in delivering high-quality power and alternative energy solutions.


The key objectives included increasing brand recognition in a competitive industry and driving direct inquiries through Google Ads.

Challenges We Faced

Overcoming competition in the power and alternative energy sector, establishing initial brand recognition, and ensuring the quality of generated inquiries.


Strategic utilisation of Google Ads, including Search and Call Ads, to target specific audiences, craft engaging ad content, optimise landing pages, and track call conversions for heightened brand awareness and lead generation.

Our Customized Service for Them

Google Ads

The Results









Increased Brand Awareness: Over the course of the campaign, Welde Engineering saw a substantial increase in brand awareness as measured by ad impressions and click-through rates. The consistent presence in search results contributed to their brand's recognition.

Direct Inquiries: The Call Ads generated a significant number of phone call inquiries, connecting potential customers directly with the Welde Engineering team. These inquiries translated into potential sales opportunities.

Cost-Efficient Campaign: By focusing on high-intent keywords and optimizing ad spend, the campaign achieved a cost-efficient cost-per-acquisition (CPA) for new customer inquiries.

Data-Driven Decisions: Regular monitoring and analysis of campaign data allowed us to make data-driven decisions, refining the strategy over time to maximize results.