• 2022-01-25
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6 Questions to ask the SEO agency before you hire

Finding a perfect SEO agency for your business will be a difficult and confusing task. There are numerous agencies that provide SEO services. But finding an authentic and reliable SEO service provider might be complicated. It is necessary to scrutinize and evaluate agencies to select the best from them. Asking good and relevant questions to the SEO agency will help you to understand and evaluate the quality of SEO agencies. It will also help you to escape from unhealthy relations with third parties. Let us check out some relevant and interesting questions to ask your SEO agency. 

#1 How will your agency help in improving our rank in search engines?

The primary aim of hiring an SEO agency is to improve your search engine ranking. Therefore it is necessary to ensure that, this agency will guarantee improved search engine rankings for your business. Your business will require high and consistent ranking in the search engines for expanding the reach of your business. It is also important to enquire about their backlinks. Backlinks are the major element of search engine statistical systems. Good quality backlinks are expensive but beneficial in a good run.

#2 How will you update the changes that you make on our website?

An authentic and good SEO agency will prepare reports and inform you regularly about their work. Therefore it is important to know about their report submission frequency to understand the agency better. Access of a whole or small part of the websites must be given to the SEO agency. This is necessary to check the quality and authenticity of their work.  Good communication and regular intervention are required for ensuring the consistency of the quality of their service.

#3 What are the SEO tools used by your agency?

There are several tools that SEO agencies use to provide good quality services. These tools help agencies to access and develop information quickly and efficiently. Some of the tools used by SEO agencies are reporting tools, technical tools, link building tools, and research tools like certain tools used by the agency could be spam and illegitimate, asking this question is necessary.

#4 What are your major SEO services?

It is very important to ask your agency to understand their services in more detail. You must ask details about the technical side of the SEO services offered by the agency. A good SEO agency will have good technical knowledge and will offer seamless and agile services. Technical SEO services are necessary for gaining extended reach and rank in search engines.
Do not fall for the fake promises of your agency. No SEO agency could guarantee you rank 1 in search engines. Therefore SEO agencies that guarantee rank 1 in search engines are not authentic. It must aid to increase the traffic on your web page consistently.

#5 What are your payment policies?

Every SEO agency will have unique payment policies. It is necessary to understand them to have a transparent idea about it. SEO works can be conducted in various ways under different budgets. Therefore clarify the service pattern and service charges before accommodating an SEO agency for your business. SEO agencies are normally expensive therefore stay away from inexpensive agencies as they are illegitimate and scam.

#6 What are your approaches to SEO?

Asking this question to your SEO agency is necessary for having a clear image of the approaches and policies of that agency. You will get a clear idea about the strategies and arrangements of the agency. Legit agencies will give a clear picture of their services, customer goals, strategies, and policies. Therefore in the end you will know your agency in detail.


When you are looking for an ideal SEO Company in Kochi, these are the questions you need to ask the company and make sure that you get satisfactory answers. Hiring an SEO agency is an investment for a longer period. You must go through serious research and evaluation before choosing an agency. It is very difficult to find a perfect SEO agency as there are many illegal and scam agencies. Use these questions and add more questions that sing along with your business. Choose what feels right for your company and your business. Find the perfect partner for enhancing your SEO strategies and rankings effectively!