• 2022-02-25
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Best SEO company in Kochi explains Google’s new updated feature related to Google search

Google is constantly on the lookout for new ways to help users find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. Google recently introduced new features to reshape its mobile Search results page for a more seamless experience that greatly aids scanning and navigation. We now know that by introducing continuous scrolling on mobile devices, we are making browsing search results more flexible and intuitive.

When you reach the end of a search results page on your phone, the next row of results that people search next to our data will automatically load with relevant data. That is Google’s new search feature for learning more about the data we have searched for.

What does People search next mean, and what are its benefits?

People search next is merely an addition to Google’s mobile search results, not a replacement for another feature. It is now available alongside other Google search features such as People also ask, People also search for, Refine this search, and Related searches.

Google-related searches are usually found at the end of Google’s search results page, and it is very common for us to click and learn further about our topic. Related searches are simply generated automatically based on an algorithm that determines terms related to our search. Some people are very curious to learn more about a term that they search for on Google. So, looking at the related searches on the Google search engine result page may be a good way to learn more about related information for a specific topic.

Why does Google provide related searches to its traffic? Is there a reason for them? Let’s take a look at what’s provoking this.

  1. Visitors can find out more about the term that they searched on Google.
  2. If we come across related searches, we click and read them, which takes time.
  3. If a visitor is satisfied with the information provided, they will return.
  4. If a person does not know the exact word for a term that he searches for on Google, Google offers a series of related searches to help him find the correct word.

Why should we be concerned about Google’s new features and updates?

The Google algorithm update is a broad subject. We are all aware that Google publishes thousands of updates once a year in order to provide its visitors with seamless experiences. Penguin, Panda, Rank Brain, Florida, and Hummingbird are the most important Google algorithms, and they all have a significant impact on our SEO and website ranking in real-time.

Every webmaster wants his web to be the first site to appear at the top of Google’s search engine results page. This could be one of the reasons why search engine monsters make minor to major changes on a daily basis to determine which pages rank higher than others.

Some Google updates you should be aware of :

1. Panda update

In February 2011, it was installed to severely punish thin or poor content. This update filters and prevents poor content from ranking highly for specific queries despite having little to offer readers. As a result, visitors received relevant content instead of poor content.

2. Penguin update

Google Penguin is an algorithm update released by Google in April 2012 to help fight manipulative link-building practices and link spam.

3. Rankbrain update

On October 26, 2015, an artificial-intelligence-based search engine algorithm was introduced. It aids Google’s search engine in processing search results, giving priority to relevant results, and providing users with more relevant search results.

4. Florida update

It is the first major Google algorithm update, implemented in November 2003, to filter mechanisms for a number of keywords, resulting in a massive change in the Google ranking positions of websites.

5. Hummingbird update

It was launched in August 2013 to replace the previous Caffeine algorithm, and it affects nearly 90% of Google searches. It is a game-changing update because it helped to give meaning to the words people typed into their searches.


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