• 2020-08-27
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Correlation between organic search and paid ads

In many companies, the SEO team that focuses on organic search and the paid search team that runs PPC campaigns are completely separate departments. Both can also run parallel to each other. In some scenarios, they might run competing with one another.

The Interplay Between organic search and paid ads

Many aspects of online advertising prove that paid ads affect organic search and vice-versa. Here are few of the key ways they operate in tandem:

#1 Higher clickthrough rate (CTR)

One of your goals as a marketer or business owner is to get more and more people to view your ad and click on your link. A strong performance on organic search means search engines are showing or ranking your site on the top of the search engine results page. Hence organic search can pave way for an increase in your ads’ CTR.

Similarly, you can improve your site’s organic ranking by way of getting 20% more clicks by bidding for your paid ad to be shown above organic results on SERPs. In other words, showing up twice – on paid and organic results – means more traffic to your site and more exposure for your brand.

#2 Increased keyword data

 The digital marketing technique is very much data-driven. To determine how you’re doing in your marketing efforts, your business will need to constantly analyze and gather your online data from various channels.

Especially when it comes to the use of keywords, SEM and SEO can be great sources of data. Keyword data can shape your content marketing campaigns to become more aligned and targeted in the future since they can tell you how the target market is using search to find information. This is especially true if you implement continuity, coordination, and consistency in your branding messages.

#3 Inbound marketing

Organic search as well as paid ads affect inbound marketing. By utilizing proper formatting, link building, quality content, and metadata, SEO focuses on increasing the online visibility of your site. Search engines then rank your page by focusing on usability, relevance, and codes of your website. The goal of organic search is to draw users to your site without you paying for each click.

Similarly paid ad promotes a website through a variety of techniques like paid advertising methods. Your company or brand gets ranked on SERPs based on and on your ad’s quality score and your bid or ad spend for a particular keyword.