• 2020-07-22
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Comparison between Facebook video ads vs. image ads

Social media marketing has always played an important role in supporting business, in the long run, to promote their brand and to expand the audience reach. Social media platforms have advanced technology over the years as they are welcoming innovative and creative methods of marketing to attract and engage more viewers. Recently video advertisements have been showing a trend to replace image advertisements on Facebook. Let’s explore the reasons behind this trend.

Conveying Information

In the comparison of Facebook video ads vs. image ads, this is the most important concern. Facebook video ads tend to convey more information quickly to a wider audience. To educate your audience with the features of your products, video ads are more easy and quick. Seeing a comprehensive video ad is much better than reading an image.

Engaging level

In the battle of Facebook video ads vs. image ads, it is obvious that video ads gain more attention from the audience than a static image. If a video ad is creative and unique, it will be able to hold people’s engagement level high. The engagement impacts of video ads are higher than image ads. 

Constructing bonds

Video ads claim to link personally with the audience than an image advertisement. As video shares more information and engages the audience it is more likely to build a trustworthy relationship via videos. Quick demonstrations, testimonials, and achievements could be conveyed effectively through a video. This will gain a reputation within the audience thus elevating your chances for conducting sales and business.

Unique and innovative

In a competitive world of business video ads is a way to express the innovative and unique element of your company. Therefore a good quality and creative video advertisement will help you to stand out uniquely from your competitors. This is a crucial determinant for the reach and progress of your brand.

Co-existence of video ads and image ads

Focusing on video marketing will gain attention and success. This is a stepping stone for boosting your business unique from the competitors in the industry. To elevate the quality of marketing, it is possible to make use of both video ads and image ads. If these two platforms are designed and executed creatively it is an effective marketing strategy to maximize the business standards.