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3 Reasons Why Facebook Ads are Important in 2020

We have noticed many clients saying; “we want you to manage our Social Media accounts without spending on advertisements”.  How can that be possible? Depending on the customer it defers from one another. To a context, we must briefly make them understand the challenges we face. Ad placement is separated into two classes – Organic, and Targeted.

Do you know how social media ad campaigns can be benefitable for an organization?

In order to be successful with Facebook Ads, you will need to get the best out of advertising, and FB ads are comparably cheaper than any other platform.

Few minimum requirements to place a beautiful ad is to have an elegantly written content and a creative poster/video showcasing your brand, may that be a product or service.  Both content and creatives place a major role in FB ads. Attract the visitors who come to your social media page should find the wow factor and understand deeply of your product/service, once they find it attractive they should straight away get into your website, our main objective of showcasing products/services on limelight is to draw attention and make conversions. If you set the objectives right the more, you sell.

Facebook without advertising

Imagine a newly started FB page, the maximum followers and likes on your page would be from your friends, relatives, colleagues, and few clients who know you and your brand. Facebook ads help you find followers, likes and reach of your brands to flawless people which will, in turn, be a customer in the future. If you don’t advertise how will people other than your followers know about your product/services? 

Facebook Ads Placement Strategy

Setting it right, creatives with low text ratio will help your ad run accurately, the objective of Facebook ad is to reduce content and represent images to make the audience understand the brand with simple logic, rather than making it complicated. 

Another element of Facebook ad is that it helps you set proper demographics. An ad can be targeted to audience depending on their age, sex, location and much more, once a customer came to us and addressed he wants to target customers who have bought most expensive products in the last few months, he said it right as the product he sells is that expensive, and he wants to target audience who can afford that range.

Tracking your Ad Performance

In order to improve your ads, you need to track the performance of your ads regularly. Facebook Analytics gives you an idea of how well your ads perform, a complete report of all of your ad gives you a  great way to evaluate where you are and to how well you perform in a nutshell.